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Battery Storage

How does it work? | Save now, Use later | Suitable for all Solar Panels | Stay in Control | Long service life guaranteed

How does it work?

The concept of battery storage is very simple and its history goes back to 18th Century when gentleman called Benjamin Franklin has firstly mentioned such a subject.

Since then the battery technology evaluated and in our present days we are all surrounded by different means of battery storage. Starting from an old car all the way to modest slim smart phone model, our dependant on storied power has never been greatest.

Is it then a coincident or rather a natural progression that one of the most popular questions in recent years is, how to go a grid independent?

Following on a very successful deployment of Solar Panels in the last few years brought a new agenda to the table - The Power Storage.

Solar panels generate electricity during daylight hours only. During this time all generated energy can be utilised there and then providing there is demand for it.

That is fine but what if we are away from house and for these there is very little or no requirement until late evening where all the sun has vanished. Seems like a big waste of generated electricity. Unless you have invested in battery storage it probably actually is.

Save now, Use Later

Battery storage enables you to store all unused electricity during the daylight hours to use at night. Doing so you can reducing your electricity costs even further and increasing system efficiency.

Using correctly sized solar battery storage means you will have very little need for electricity from the national grid. A typical solar system gives an average 50% reduction to your electric bill. Adding a power storage can increase the sell sufficient ratio to 85%.

Suitable for all Solar Panels

Battery storage systems work with all solar panels regardless of their make or models.

If you have an existing Solar PV System it is probably feasible to bolt on an additional storage to it. If you are however thinking about installing solar power, why don't you give us a ring and explore a hybrid system with integrated battery management.

In any event it's best to contact our specialist engineer to discuss your requirements.

Installing battery storage for a photovoltaic system up to 30 kWp will have no impact on your FiT payment reimbursement. Your payments will remain the same as all export income is deemed and not actually measured. Whenever you are exporting any power back to grid or not the payment from export will remain the same.

Stay in control

With an aid of internet connection you can control your home appliances remotely from your smart phone, tablet or pc. You can distribute your solar power to where it is needed, when it is needed. With this feature you decide what is best for you.

With modern technology evolving in a speed of light, more and more doors are becoming open in smart home management. If you have any particularly requirement please contact us as the solution might be already on offer.

Long service life guaranteed

Using a solar-energy storage unit with a lithium-ion battery offers considerable benefits. It allow you switch on your household appliances whenever you want and even use multiple appliances at the same time. This include the large ones, such as washing machines and ovens. As the solar-energy storage unit's high-performance lithium battery can supply them all simultaneously without any problems. This means that no expensive grid power has to be purchased!

Please watch this sample clip explaining how battery system with power management works:

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